노랑 means 'yellow' in korean


name; ashwini
gender; female
pronouns; she/her
sexuality; bisexual
mbti; intj
sun sign; virgo

friendsagents of shielddoctor who

bias; irene (bae joohyun)

bias; jin (kim seokjin)


i’m usually not that shy unless i find you super admirable or i have a crush on you, so feel free to contact me as you wish!

you can reach me at @cordately (twitter) / @ahhchoo(telegram)

i have been diagnosed with depression and anxiety in 2016,
my parents are divorced (mom has custody)
i'm generally alright unless im in a really bad place,
and i sometimes get anxiety attacks

trigger warning,,

my father is abusive,
i struggle with selfharm and
depressive episodes
(occasionally panic attacks)

i've been diagnosed with a few mental illnesses, listed below
anxietydepressionborderline personality disorder (BPD)